Monday, June 7, 2010


Assalammualaikum wbt bt sume....esp 2 aishah humaira' n all my beloved friends and followers...
now, ummi have entered final year in my medical scholl...really need to start with gear 5...ummi currently in paediatric posting but thanks a lot to all my housema6e which in surgery (mama kema), o&g (mama nora) and family med (cik jah) teach each other what we had learnt and share to complete each other to become a compatible doctor....

today, ummi learn about CTG from mama nora...d easy 1...easy to revise anyway by put it here...

first, there is 3 type of CTG---normal, suspicious and pathological

and it based on 4 things---fetal heart rate, fetal heart variability, acceleration and deceleration...

for fetal heart rate :
-----normal is between 110-160 beats per min
-----suspicious is between 100-110 and 160-180 bpm
-----pathological is less than 100 bpm @ >180 bpm

for fetal heart variability---its mean the difference of the amplitude btwn the highest and d lowest one...taken 1 min in a part that there is no acceleration and deceleration..
----normal is more than 5
----suspicious is more less than 5 for 40-90 min
----pathological is less than 5 for more than 90 min
( am i right nora??)

for acceleration---mean the acceleration for more than 15 bpm of more than 15 second each
----normal : present
----suspicious/pathological : absent
~acceleration mean there is tachycardia...its good as an indication that the baby heart is responded to maternal contraction..

decelaration is the deceleration for more than 15 bpm for at least 15 second
----normal : no deceleration
----suspicious / pathological : present
~ deceleration mean the baby heart is bradycardia..not good as d baby is not response to maternal contrction...
~ 2 type:
----type 1 : the deceleration is a mirror with maternal contraction : fetal head compromise etc
----type 2 : the deceleration is a bit late @ after maternal contraction : fetal decompromise...

cukup dulu smpai sini... t ummi update, mamanora xd nk bantu ummi fill in d blank...k, c u later with ummi pny learning issue plk...

salam sayang,